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Quit Smoking: Why it should be your New Year’s Resolution

Quitting smoking is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult New Year’s resolutions on many peoples’ list. As new statistics are brought to light and smokers begin to see that cigarette smoking truly is the number one cause of cancer, they want and need for quitting is imperative. One frightening aspect of these statistics is that cancer/smoking-related deaths are on a constant rise every single year.

In regards to the physical aspect of quitting, there are many options to choose from. The pharmaceutical market offers thousands of different medications and aids like TBX-Free that will help your body adjust to the sudden lack of nicotine in your system. The difficulty comes in the actual habit itself. When you do something for years on end, it can be difficult to get your mind accustomed to not doing it. It is an interesting fact that when human beings do something from a physical standpoint, it becomes instinctive. For example, when you wake up every morning, reach over to the table next to your bed, grab a cigarette and light it up, you eventually don’t even have to think about it anymore. It becomes a natural instinct.

Thus we have the truly difficult part of letting cigarettes go, breaking the habit. Though it can be a difficult process, there are a few concepts that can make it much easier for the habitual smoker. Initially, consider the instincts themselves, beyond the actual smoking. What is it that your body instinctively does?

First, you are used to having something in your mouth on a constant basis. This can be handled by lollipops or chewing gum. Put a few lollipops around the house, always within reach, and carry a few with you at all times. When you reach to that bedside table or into your pocket for that cigarette without thinking, your hands will still find something. This will help ease the hand to mouth part of the addiction.

Next, there is the food aspect. Most people smoke after eating or in the morning with a cup of coffee. Therein we find the common problem of weight gain when stopping smoking. When we have no cigarette awaiting us after the meal, we merely continue to eat to avoid the need. On the coffee end, stop drinking it. Instead of that morning cup of coffee, drink a glass of tea or a soda perhaps. As for that moment of weakness after meals, do not give yourself time to want the cigarette. Get straight up after eating and exercise or get busy doing something with your hands.

The best cure for the habitual aspect of smoking is to stay busy. The majority of the population of smokers will be most tempted to have a cigarette after the work day is done and they are driving home or sitting around the house. When you feel the urge come on, find something to keep yourself occupied. Go walking, jogging, clean the house, do yard work, or, better yet, find yourself an entertaining hobby to keep both your mind and body busy.

After a couple of weeks of following these tips, you will find that the urge for those cigarettes will tend to become more and more random. Eventually, your mind and body will no longer need them at all.



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